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PUBLIC STATEMENT: We're entering the battle to save football of Bosnia and Herzegovina

PUBLIC STATEMENT: We're entering the battle to save football of Bosnia and Herzegovina

14.03.2024 u 16:00h

The events we witnessed last night are merely the culmination of refereeing robberies we've been witnessing for years. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, football isn't played on the field; another game is played off the pitch. The consequence is a tailor-made table according to the desires of individuals at the highest level of football competition. Behind various commissions and "legal" processes lies only a facade, used to punish those who aren't acceptable panelists and who are brave enough to oppose well-founded suspicions of organized crime within the structures of the BiH FA.

The degradation and humiliation of clubs and their supporters are obvious displays of power by those who think they're untouchable, but only because we all allow it.

Is it in the interest of this society to ever resolve this, or will suitable people continue to come into positions and exploit the FA to prevent things from ever getting better, aware of the fact that they will never be prosecuted and punished?

Sarajevo is not and will not be part of that plan.

On this occasion, we inform the public that the President of FK Sarajevo, Ismir Mirvić, as the first step in the next few days, will call for an urgent meeting of all Club representatives to exchange opinions, views, and ideas about the future of BiH football.

"Since 2021, with enthusiasm and a desire to bring new standards to BiH football, I have been investing in FK Sarajevo. If the aim is to drive people like me away, my message to everyone is as follows: 'I extend my hand to everyone in BiH football to help in any way, to any club, and not just in the Premier League of BiH. I offer myself and all my resources to bring the truth to light and to prosecute those responsible in accordance with the law. Our A national team has problems caused by the same people, and that's public knowledge. I call on our representatives who have become independent through their work and have given everything they can for BiH to raise their voices and simply speak the truth that will help a better future. To remain silent means that we are all undertakers of BiH football," said the President of FK Sarajevo, Ismir Mirvić.

All this obliges us to, in the coming period, ask the above-mentioned individuals by name and surname what they are doing, how they are doing it, and for whom they are doing it, and we will do just that.

FK Sarajevo will use all legally permissible means and do everything to draw the attention of the BiH public, European public, UEFA, FIFA, national prosecutors, and all organizations systematically fighting against corruption to one of the biggest corruptions that have been happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina for years. We are ready for short-term consequences and blows because we are aware of the path and the ultimate goal we want to achieve.

This is not Sarajevo's battle, but the battle of all honest people and clubs against corruption, injustice, and monopolies in sports in general. Only together can we restore pride and smiles to the faces of supporters of all clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which should be our ultimate goal.